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2160 Reading 1

April 17, 2011 Leave a comment

A Conversation About “Conversational Cheap Shots”

The first reading for JCOM 2160 is on “Nettiquette”, “Conversational Cheap Shots“, and “”On the internet, No One Knows You’er a Dog.”  I found “Conversational Cheap Shots” the most interesting.  I am a ‘peoplewatcher.’  I enjoy the sport of conversation.  My professional experience as a Hearing Officer with the state of Utah helped hone my skills and peaked my interest in the tug-of-war of intense conversation.

I understand that the purpose of these articles is focused more toward internet conversation.  In either written or spoken communication however, the advice and tactics outlined in “Conversational Cheap Shots” is genius.  It details so many conversational hooks and has become my manual for daily communication!

I work in a factory setting.  The personality types at work run the gambit.  Whether introverts, extraverts, in-your-face types, stab-you-in-the-back types, na’ive types, all personalities are accounted for.  In addition to the general personality type, there is also a veritable United Nations of ethnic backgrounds and they communicate differently as groups.

Communicating at the plant is an adventure because I do my best to communicate with each coworker the most effective way.  It takes a while sometimes to figure out the best way to talk with some of them, but usually I can figure it out.  The dividends of doing this are relationship gold.  People open up.  I hear their stories.  I know the people I work with.  I mean I truly KNOW them.  I understand their motivations and hang-ups.

I bring all of this up to demonstrate how effective this article is.  It is a ‘how to’ for dealing with people.  I recommend it to anyone.  I am using these tactics and conversational tools and it streamlines communications.  I will be in a discussion and watch someone start sliding into a ‘right by association’ argument.  It is so easy to counter when I can watch them go into it!

Knowing these tactics gains you the advantage in the conversation.  Knowing their points as they make them gives you the opportunity to consider possible responses.  Further, you can tailor your response to their personality type, background, and conversational tactic in a way that best suits you.  I enjoy making people feel good about themselves and use “Conversational Cheap Shots” to positively motivate others.

However you use the strategies in “Conversation Cheap Shots” is up to you, but know that the time it takes to read it is well spent!