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JCOM 2160 Reading #2

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

This week’s reading focused on job resumes.  I am glad that we had a week to focus on this because I need it.  My resume is old, so my resume strategies are also old.  I will be graduating in a year, so crafting a resume right now will be a smart move.

I read Shannon Paul’s blog post entitled “Six steps to Resume 2.0.”  What a fantastic concept, to combine my social media knowledge with a traditional resume.  I like her idea of hyper-linking all relevant information to demonstrate your prowess with social media.  I also like the idea of supplying a Word document resume, an HTML resume, and a quick summary as if I were explaining it to my mom.  That hits the potential employer four significant times when they open your email.  They see the hyper-links (although they probably won’t click on them), they see the resume directly in the body of the email, they print out the word document, and they get the easy to read explanation.  Fantastic Advice.

The next article I read was “How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes,” on  Did I mention above that I needed to update my old resume?  Well this is the blog post to help me with the nuts and bolts of doing just that.  I cringed when I read to avoid writing “Responsibilities include…”.  That is my entire resume!  Oh boy.  I am so glad to have read that if nothing else.

The rest of the article built upon that.  A resume is a marketing document.  Absolutely.  Why I never connected those dots in the past is beyond me, but I am so glad it clicked when I read this article.  I also chuckled when the authors wrote the quip about as long as you’r not lying, write it in the resume.  They did come back to that idea though and wrote to err on the side of safety.  It’s not a good idea to inflate stats, but craft them in a way that looks good.

The final link of the reading assignment was “30+ Sites  for Resume and Cover-Letter Information.”  I looked at a few of the articles and they look useful.

I am so glad to have all this information provided for me.  These articles are essential as I re-craft my decade-old resume.