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March CVSMC Meeting

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Tonight I went to the Social Media Club of Cache Valley (SMCCV) meeting. The meeting tonight was held at the Bear River Health Department building.  I must admit, when I first heard of the organization, the first word that popped into my head was, “ug.” I was interested in it, but the term ‘social media club’ sounded funny.  In my mind’s eye I saw everyone walking around speaking Klingon.  Fortunately reality was completely different.  The purpose of this reaction post is to rectify my misconception in the hope that anyone who reads it will not see the same vision that I did.

I walked up to the meeting and was greeted at the door by Doug Thompson, former mayor of Logan City, Utah.  I knew of him, I voted for him for crying out loud, but had never shaken his hand.  The meeting room was set up into four stations, two for facebook info and two for twitter info.  The atmosphere was professional yet comfortable, and welcoming.  The name tags tended to be twitter handles, but that was as wild as it got.

I ventured over to the twitter side of the room and took a crash course on the basics of  I knew most of the material presented already but it was a confidence-booster to ‘officially’ learn what I already knew.  Afterward I ventured to the advanced twitter table and learned about  What an eye opener!  I opened my laptop, created an account and started rapid-fire questioning my poor trainer.  She helped me set it up and showed me another website called to draw in twitter followers who share my same interests.  The website is  I registered with that website and it continues to work wonders.

My trainer was Lauralee.  The more I spoke with her, the more I found how respected of a blogger she is.  She brought up a trip she took to the White House and some of the blogging events that she is invited to speak at.  We spoke for about a half-hour.  I was surprised that she gave me that much time.

A board member named Jason, stood and headed a discussion about the power of social media in politics.  He brought up HB 477, a bill in the Utah State Legislature that was defeated primarily by social media.  I was floored!  He said that no one group spearheaded the movement, but rather an organic movement from hundreds of people through social media.  As I understood it, the bill had to do with the freedom of infomation.  I find it ironic that it was taken down with social media.

I truly enjoyed this meeting.  The people were top notch professionals and the type of people I enjoyed being around. The biggest concept that I take away from this meeting is this:  the trick to social media is the allow it to be organic.  Allow it to take on a life of it’s own.  Put yourself in the social media wave and ride it.  Controlling social media is impossible, but riding that wave will create results that you wouldn’t dream of.