PR Campaigns

Icon Health and Fitness:  Proform

My team managed the social media for the Proform excercise equipment brand, focusing on the branding of their Tour de France bicycle during the 2011 holiday season.


USU Gymnastics

Our team created a public relations strategy for for the Utah State University Women’s Gymnastics Team.  We developed a campaign to draw more attention to the program, raise meet attendance, and promote the intensity of women’s gymnastics as a sport.


Mikey’s Balloons

Mikey’s Balloons is a local balloon artist that is ready to explore the world of social media.  I worked with Mikey’s Balloons to establish an online presence and market birthday party products online.


American West Heritage Center: Baby Animal Days

Our team began the pubic relations recommendation for the 2012 Baby Animal Days for the American West Heritage Center (AWHC).  Our campaign included performing an internal audit of the AWHC, a stakeholder analysis, a focus group interview and a survey taken at the 2011 Baby Animal Days event.  My focus was with the survey conducted for AWHC, as well as finalizing the final 38 page document outlining our teams recommendations prior to delivering  to the AWHC staff.  


Shamrock the Cause

Shamrock the Cause is an annual event hosted by the Kappa Delta Sorority.  Our team handled the public relations for the week long event.  



Pepperidge Farm Starfish Program

The Starfish program at Pepperidge farm is an employee recognition program.  It has not had a patriotic following.  I promoted the Starfish program as an internal PR campaign.   The campaign is ongoing.

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