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April Social Media Club Meeting

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

How quickly a month can roll by! I have made my wife and coworkers sick of social media stories since I had such a great experience at the Social Media Club of Cache Valley (SMCCV) meeting last month. The April meeting was tonight and it again was fantastic.
The meeting had a different flavor to it compared to last month. It highlighted Liz Butcher, creator and owner of Butcher’s Bunches. She creates premium jams that have been celebrated such events as the Sundance Film Festival.
Liz markets almost exclusively through Facebook. She said she took out a newspaper advertisement one time, but did not get the results that she continues to get by marketing online.
I was impressed by her story. She is riding the social media wave in a unique way. The right people found out about her and the right things happened. It went ‘organic’.
I wrote last month about my paradigm shift with social media. Social media is nothing to be controlled or managed. It is a matter of finding the right wave and jumping on. Social media is organic. It deals with millions of human users, so it comes as no surprised it demonstrates human tendencies. I come back to that word again…it’s organic.
Liz’s story motivated me to start up that gerbil in my head. You know, that little gerbil in that little wheel that starts running, spinning the wheel and cranking out ideas. Butcher’s Bunches sells jams and is thriving through social media. What is a business plan that I can hold on to? I am looking and talking and thinking. It is exciting. Social media opens up so much.
Back to the meeting. I must admit that I enjoyed the ‘how to’ format of the March meeting more, but that is my personality. It was nice to see the outcome of successful social media use and I enjoyed every minute of it. I see the benefit of that as well. I wonder if a meeting could be planned that would handle both formats? Maybe an hour of ‘how to’ and an hour of a highlighted success story.
Just an idea.

March CVSMC Meeting

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Tonight I went to the Social Media Club of Cache Valley (SMCCV) meeting. The meeting tonight was held at the Bear River Health Department building.  I must admit, when I first heard of the organization, the first word that popped into my head was, “ug.” I was interested in it, but the term ‘social media club’ sounded funny.  In my mind’s eye I saw everyone walking around speaking Klingon.  Fortunately reality was completely different.  The purpose of this reaction post is to rectify my misconception in the hope that anyone who reads it will not see the same vision that I did.

I walked up to the meeting and was greeted at the door by Doug Thompson, former mayor of Logan City, Utah.  I knew of him, I voted for him for crying out loud, but had never shaken his hand.  The meeting room was set up into four stations, two for facebook info and two for twitter info.  The atmosphere was professional yet comfortable, and welcoming.  The name tags tended to be twitter handles, but that was as wild as it got.

I ventured over to the twitter side of the room and took a crash course on the basics of  I knew most of the material presented already but it was a confidence-booster to ‘officially’ learn what I already knew.  Afterward I ventured to the advanced twitter table and learned about  What an eye opener!  I opened my laptop, created an account and started rapid-fire questioning my poor trainer.  She helped me set it up and showed me another website called to draw in twitter followers who share my same interests.  The website is  I registered with that website and it continues to work wonders.

My trainer was Lauralee.  The more I spoke with her, the more I found how respected of a blogger she is.  She brought up a trip she took to the White House and some of the blogging events that she is invited to speak at.  We spoke for about a half-hour.  I was surprised that she gave me that much time.

A board member named Jason, stood and headed a discussion about the power of social media in politics.  He brought up HB 477, a bill in the Utah State Legislature that was defeated primarily by social media.  I was floored!  He said that no one group spearheaded the movement, but rather an organic movement from hundreds of people through social media.  As I understood it, the bill had to do with the freedom of infomation.  I find it ironic that it was taken down with social media.

I truly enjoyed this meeting.  The people were top notch professionals and the type of people I enjoyed being around. The biggest concept that I take away from this meeting is this:  the trick to social media is the allow it to be organic.  Allow it to take on a life of it’s own.  Put yourself in the social media wave and ride it.  Controlling social media is impossible, but riding that wave will create results that you wouldn’t dream of.

Final – Press Release 3

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Press Release 3


February 16, 2011

Preston Parker, Founder/President
Cache Valley Area Investors Association

Financial Independence a Reachable Goal

Cache Valley Area Investors Association Helping Residents Achieve Their Dreams

Logan, Utah – Financial Independence is the focus of the Cache Valley Area Investors Association (CVAIA).  CVAIA was started by Preston Parker, a lecturer at USU and Cache Valley entrepreneur, to help others fulfill their financial goals and live a full life.

The major focus of financial independence is to allow people’s passive income, or income that generates itself, to surpass their active income, or income that requires labor. Once this happens on a monthly basis, people can work in a field they choose because they enjoy it. Wages and salaries do not play a deciding factor.

“I know firemen, postal workers, and garbage collectors who are financially independent,” said  Parker, “they go to work because they love it. How would it be if the majority of Americans went to work because they loved it?”

If people learn the right mentality and approaches to investing, they can all be successful in what they desire.  People should be able to spend their time doing something they love, not just a job that provides an income.  Passive income largely makes this possible.  There are many organizations with the stated goal of helping people understand the relationship between assets, liabilities, income, expenses.  They practice the methods found in the ideologies of books including Rich Dad Poor Dad, The wealthy Barber, The Millionaire Next Door, Atlas Shrugged, The Automatic Millionaire, and The Secret.

Cache Valley Area Investors Association (CVAIA) teaches people how to increase passive income. CVAIA embraces the Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, and Law of Exchange.  CVAIA began in August 2007 and now has members from many geographical locations and   from all walks of life.  The members come together with the same belief:  that education mitigates the risks of investing.

For further information regarding CVAIA, please contact :

Todd Hamann
Public Relations Coordinator
Phone:  435-227-5751
Fax:  435-227-5750


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Final Press Release 2: Image Management

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment


Todd Hamann
Phone:  435-227-5751
Fax:  435-227-5750

Jayne Peterson Joins the Burger Planet Team

Fitness Guru to Introduce Health Conscious Menu Items

Logan, Utah – Burger Planet is now working with fitness expert Jayne Peterson to promote its new “Think of Your HEALTH” menu.  Peterson will be directly involved with the development and promotion of Burger Planet’s answer to the obesity pandemic.

Jayne Peterson stepped into the public eye as a trainer to the popular television host Opal Whitcomb in 2009. Since then she has started her own fitness company and is a regular trainer on such television shows as “The Biggest Loser” and “Dance Your Ass Off.”

When asked why she joined the Burger Planet team, Peterson said, “Burger Planet has been a leader in offering healthy menu choices.  Our goals in this area make for a proactive partnership.  I look forward to working with them.”

Peterson is already appearing in television and radio advertisements with Corny the Clown promoting the new fruit slices option in the meal deals.  She is also endorsing the fruit smoothies that Burger Planet will begin to sell in March of 2011.

Burger Planet CEO James E. Muellenbach III  reflects positively on the company’s relationship with the fitness guru.  “We are pleased to have her on board,” he said in a recent interview.  “The hiring of Jayne Peterson fits perfectly in the company’s overall focus on healthy lifestyles.”

Burger Planet is a leader of the Quick Service restaurant industry.  It is headquartered in Gary, Indiana.  Burger Planet was founded in 1934 and has 8,921 franchises in all fifty states and 17 countries worldwide.  The restaurant chain is proud to have served of 52 billion customers.

For further information regarding Burger Planet, please contact :

Todd Hamann
Public Relations Assistant Account Executive
Phone:  435-227-5751
Fax:  435-227-5750


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