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Managing people is an ever changing mountain that keeps growing as we step forward.  Information of how to motivate our people to action is bombarding us day in and day out.  Companies are jumping on board motivational strategies so fast that sometimes even their own decision makers find themselves falling behind.

My name is Todd Hamann, I am now a production manager with Pepperidge Farm in Richmond, Utah and the proud father of the most amazing kids on the planet!    Motivating others to action is a key piece of my professional make up.  I write to document my experience as a manager, employee, and father in an effort to realize his potential.

The world of manufacturing exciting!  I am enjoying my career by exceeding expectations and motivating others for good.  My studies focus on carrying out motivational strategies that yield measurable results.

“As a Matter of Fact…” started as a class assignment in college.  I now come back to it as a place to document a career motivating others to action.  There are bumps and bruises that come along the way, but I find that I am falling up.  Challenges offer a way to gain invaluable experience for myself and compassion and empathy to others on their journeys.

For further information regarding my experience, education, skills, and career goals please contact me directly through any of the avenues listed below:

Phone:                      435-227-5721

Email:                       toddhamann@gmail.com

Twitter:                    toddhamann

LinkedIn:                toddhamann4910

Facebook:               toddhamann4910

Thank you!

Todd Hamann

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