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JCOM 2160 Reading #2

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This week’s reading focused on job resumes.  I am glad that we had a week to focus on this because I need it.  My resume is old, so my resume strategies are also old.  I will be graduating in a year, so crafting a resume right now will be a smart move.

I read Shannon Paul’s blog post entitled “Six steps to Resume 2.0.”  What a fantastic concept, to combine my social media knowledge with a traditional resume.  I like her idea of hyper-linking all relevant information to demonstrate your prowess with social media.  I also like the idea of supplying a Word document resume, an HTML resume, and a quick summary as if I were explaining it to my mom.  That hits the potential employer four significant times when they open your email.  They see the hyper-links (although they probably won’t click on them), they see the resume directly in the body of the email, they print out the word document, and they get the easy to read explanation.  Fantastic Advice.

The next article I read was “How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes,” on  Did I mention above that I needed to update my old resume?  Well this is the blog post to help me with the nuts and bolts of doing just that.  I cringed when I read to avoid writing “Responsibilities include…”.  That is my entire resume!  Oh boy.  I am so glad to have read that if nothing else.

The rest of the article built upon that.  A resume is a marketing document.  Absolutely.  Why I never connected those dots in the past is beyond me, but I am so glad it clicked when I read this article.  I also chuckled when the authors wrote the quip about as long as you’r not lying, write it in the resume.  They did come back to that idea though and wrote to err on the side of safety.  It’s not a good idea to inflate stats, but craft them in a way that looks good.

The final link of the reading assignment was “30+ Sites  for Resume and Cover-Letter Information.”  I looked at a few of the articles and they look useful.

I am so glad to have all this information provided for me.  These articles are essential as I re-craft my decade-old resume.

2160 Reading 1

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A Conversation About “Conversational Cheap Shots”

The first reading for JCOM 2160 is on “Nettiquette”, “Conversational Cheap Shots“, and “”On the internet, No One Knows You’er a Dog.”  I found “Conversational Cheap Shots” the most interesting.  I am a ‘peoplewatcher.’  I enjoy the sport of conversation.  My professional experience as a Hearing Officer with the state of Utah helped hone my skills and peaked my interest in the tug-of-war of intense conversation.

I understand that the purpose of these articles is focused more toward internet conversation.  In either written or spoken communication however, the advice and tactics outlined in “Conversational Cheap Shots” is genius.  It details so many conversational hooks and has become my manual for daily communication!

I work in a factory setting.  The personality types at work run the gambit.  Whether introverts, extraverts, in-your-face types, stab-you-in-the-back types, na’ive types, all personalities are accounted for.  In addition to the general personality type, there is also a veritable United Nations of ethnic backgrounds and they communicate differently as groups.

Communicating at the plant is an adventure because I do my best to communicate with each coworker the most effective way.  It takes a while sometimes to figure out the best way to talk with some of them, but usually I can figure it out.  The dividends of doing this are relationship gold.  People open up.  I hear their stories.  I know the people I work with.  I mean I truly KNOW them.  I understand their motivations and hang-ups.

I bring all of this up to demonstrate how effective this article is.  It is a ‘how to’ for dealing with people.  I recommend it to anyone.  I am using these tactics and conversational tools and it streamlines communications.  I will be in a discussion and watch someone start sliding into a ‘right by association’ argument.  It is so easy to counter when I can watch them go into it!

Knowing these tactics gains you the advantage in the conversation.  Knowing their points as they make them gives you the opportunity to consider possible responses.  Further, you can tailor your response to their personality type, background, and conversational tactic in a way that best suits you.  I enjoy making people feel good about themselves and use “Conversational Cheap Shots” to positively motivate others.

However you use the strategies in “Conversation Cheap Shots” is up to you, but know that the time it takes to read it is well spent!

April Social Media Club Meeting

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How quickly a month can roll by! I have made my wife and coworkers sick of social media stories since I had such a great experience at the Social Media Club of Cache Valley (SMCCV) meeting last month. The April meeting was tonight and it again was fantastic.
The meeting had a different flavor to it compared to last month. It highlighted Liz Butcher, creator and owner of Butcher’s Bunches. She creates premium jams that have been celebrated such events as the Sundance Film Festival.
Liz markets almost exclusively through Facebook. She said she took out a newspaper advertisement one time, but did not get the results that she continues to get by marketing online.
I was impressed by her story. She is riding the social media wave in a unique way. The right people found out about her and the right things happened. It went ‘organic’.
I wrote last month about my paradigm shift with social media. Social media is nothing to be controlled or managed. It is a matter of finding the right wave and jumping on. Social media is organic. It deals with millions of human users, so it comes as no surprised it demonstrates human tendencies. I come back to that word again…it’s organic.
Liz’s story motivated me to start up that gerbil in my head. You know, that little gerbil in that little wheel that starts running, spinning the wheel and cranking out ideas. Butcher’s Bunches sells jams and is thriving through social media. What is a business plan that I can hold on to? I am looking and talking and thinking. It is exciting. Social media opens up so much.
Back to the meeting. I must admit that I enjoyed the ‘how to’ format of the March meeting more, but that is my personality. It was nice to see the outcome of successful social media use and I enjoyed every minute of it. I see the benefit of that as well. I wonder if a meeting could be planned that would handle both formats? Maybe an hour of ‘how to’ and an hour of a highlighted success story.
Just an idea.

Rebecca Holliday

April 7, 2011 1 comment

April 6, 2011

To:  Rebecca Holliday

From: Todd Hamann

Re:  Your online profile.

I was given your name and asked to find out as much as possible online about you.  The purpose of this was to study your online profile.  Graduation will be coming next year and potential employers will undoubtedly look into your online profile as part of their consideration.  This memo will review what I was able to find out about you.



Your name is Rebecca J. Holliday.  You have the nickname “Becks” (see youtube videos below).  Your parents are Christopher and Laura Holliday.  You are the oldest of two children.  You have a younger brother named Conner who is currently a senior at Foothill High School.  He runs track.

You attended Foothill High School ( in Santa Ana, Calif. (  You competed in track and field in high school in addition to your gymnastics outside of school.




The largest amount of information I found out about you had to do with gymnastics.  You took gym at South Coast Gymnastics Club in Irvine Calif. ( and received the South Coast Gymnast of the Year award in 2005.  You were coached by former olympian and world champion Xiaoping Li (

You came to USU on a gymnastics scholarship and competed since 2009.  You tube has videos of meets you competed in.  Some examples are shown below:







You are a Junior at USU and are majoring in Journalism.  You received academic All-WAC honors in 2010.


Your favorite books are the Great Gatsby, the Scarlet Letter, and the Secret Garden.  Some of your favorite movies are Good Will Hunting and Garden State.


I hope this has been helpful in demonstrating your online presence.  If there are inaccuracies please let me know and I will clarify them on my blog post.

Thank you


Todd Hamann

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