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Press Release 4 (Draft)


March 3, 2011

Dan Smith,Director
Sports Academy and Racquet Club


Sports Academy Hosts Indoor Marathon

Gym Partners with NordicTrack to Host First Team Treadmill Marathon

Logan, Utah – The Sports Academy and Racquet Club will be hosting the first ever Top of Utah “Heavy” Team Race Saturday, March 5th.  The event is a joint venture with Nordic Track and will be run on Nordic Track’s new Google Map Treadmills.

“Nordic Track is getting ready to launch the Google Map Treadmill and approached us to help launch it’s new product,” said Missy Buttars, Assistant Manager of the Sports Academy.  “It was a great match for both companies.  We are excited to host the event.”

The “Top of Utah “Heavy” Team Race” will consist of 18 teams, comprised of two male and two female runners.  The 50k race will be the equivalent of the Top of Utah Marathon plus 4 miles.  The Nordic Track treadmills will use Google Maps to mimic the terrain of the actual Top of Utah Marathon.  The winning team will each receive a Nordic Track Google Map Treadmill.

In order to register for the “Top of Utah “Heavy” Team Race” teams must deliver a registration for to the Sports Academy by March 4th at 4:00pm.  Registration fee is $80 per team.

The Sports Academy & Racquet Club is a family health club whose mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and contribute to the betterment of the community by helping young people acquire a positive self-esteem through the development and advancement to a competitive level, increasing the physical and emotional well-being of individuals through an improvement of health, offering an opportunity for family recreation and providing a full-fitness facility for the benefit of the community and the improvement of the lives of its people.

For further information regarding the Top of Utah “Heavy” Team Race, please contact:

Missy Buttars
Assistant Manager
Phone:  435-753-7500  ext.115


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