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Final – Press Release 3

Press Release 3


February 16, 2011

Preston Parker, Founder/President
Cache Valley Area Investors Association

Financial Independence a Reachable Goal

Cache Valley Area Investors Association Helping Residents Achieve Their Dreams

Logan, Utah – Financial Independence is the focus of the Cache Valley Area Investors Association (CVAIA).  CVAIA was started by Preston Parker, a lecturer at USU and Cache Valley entrepreneur, to help others fulfill their financial goals and live a full life.

The major focus of financial independence is to allow people’s passive income, or income that generates itself, to surpass their active income, or income that requires labor. Once this happens on a monthly basis, people can work in a field they choose because they enjoy it. Wages and salaries do not play a deciding factor.

“I know firemen, postal workers, and garbage collectors who are financially independent,” said  Parker, “they go to work because they love it. How would it be if the majority of Americans went to work because they loved it?”

If people learn the right mentality and approaches to investing, they can all be successful in what they desire.  People should be able to spend their time doing something they love, not just a job that provides an income.  Passive income largely makes this possible.  There are many organizations with the stated goal of helping people understand the relationship between assets, liabilities, income, expenses.  They practice the methods found in the ideologies of books including Rich Dad Poor Dad, The wealthy Barber, The Millionaire Next Door, Atlas Shrugged, The Automatic Millionaire, and The Secret.

Cache Valley Area Investors Association (CVAIA) teaches people how to increase passive income. CVAIA embraces the Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, and Law of Exchange.  CVAIA began in August 2007 and now has members from many geographical locations and   from all walks of life.  The members come together with the same belief:  that education mitigates the risks of investing.

For further information regarding CVAIA, please contact :

Todd Hamann
Public Relations Coordinator
Phone:  435-227-5751
Fax:  435-227-5750


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