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There’s more than one way…

Shift Communications holds a section of their blog pr-squared as an academy. They call it their, “Jedi Training Academy.” I am an avid star wars fan. Sign me up!

Reading through some of the stories in their I was impressed by the way they get through. They were trying to get some exposure for their client and were getting ignored by the blog they needed the exposure with. They never gave up, they persisted until they realized the blog was never going to recognize their client. They put their heads together to find a way around that. How do you get a blogger to recognize a product on their own blog that they have no intention of recognizing?!
Their answer was ingenious. They contacted another client who had experience with the product they were marketing, and asked them to mention it in the response section of the target blog. The client did so and soon, Shift communications was contacted by a writer for FORTUNE small business magazine! He saw the response on the blog and was curious about the product.
Wouldn’t you know it, a later customer of that specific product was on the cover of FORTUNE small business! Working outside the box but without breaking any ethical or legal boundaries Shift Communications got their job done.
I guess there truly is more than one way to..mmm, guess I better leave it right there. You fill in the rest!
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