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The Mommy-Blogger’s Market

I have read a case study of how Shift Communications cracked into the mommy-bloggers, a niche that has been saturated by spammers and pop-up windows for years. The review is up on Todd Defren’s Blog Pr-Squared. His account of it is entitled, “Blogger relations case study: mommybloggers.”


Shift Communications was working with a client who created handheld scanners, presumably for use by business travellers. The idea was that the travellers could scan their receipts ‘on the go’ and create their own expense report while they were on the road. This would require minimal effort.
As fate would have it, Martha Stewart found about the device and sales skyrocketed. The business wanted to crack into the mommy-bloggers. Mommy-bloggers is a term used for the countless blogs that have to do only with being a mom, raising children, etc..
Shift Communications decided to take a different approach from the usual mommy-blogger marketing campaigns. They looked through the blogs and found, as Todd Defren explained it, “a niche within a niche.” They found a few blogs that ended up being mommy-bloggers who were also technogeeks. Shift Communications then reached out to only three. They respectfully approached them and told them of the scanner. All three bought and used the scanner for scanning kid’s pictures, etc.
Then Shift approached the moms again and offerred them 10 more scanners to give away in a contest. The way people would become eligible in the contest would be to write a review of the product either on these technogeek mommy-blogger’s blogs, or on their own and link the review to the other blogs.
The result was a windfall. 1,200 reviews of the scanner, providing the makers of the scanner vital insight as to what the needs of these mommybloggers were. They not only broke into the niche…they broke into the niche in the niche.
And that is why I want to get into this business!
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