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PR Jiu-Jitsu

Todd Defren’s blog, Pr-squared has an interesting idea on it that I find a wonderful strategy to know. His post is entitled, How PR can perform Jiu-Jitsu on Sales Team Demands.

He acknowledges the frustration of having the sales teams of companies lean on the PR departments to release information so they can use it to close deals. This ‘derails’ the PR plan and the PR department loses credibility. His idea is ingenious:
First, he writes, look at the long term and refuse to derail the PR plan. In the long run, the sales team will be more sucessful by sticking to the plan. Second, give them a draft of the upcoming press release with DO NOT DISCLOSE stamped on it. When they show that to their prospective sales, they will build themselves up by showing that they are in the loop, as well as building up the prospect by allowing them in the loop as well. Everyone likes to know secrets. Everyone likes the advantage and anticipation of 1-upping the rest of us.
Not a bad idea Mr. Defren. If they want too much information, unnoficially put them on the inside track.
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