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My Experiment

I have been awakened with a swift kick to the back-end to the importance of marketing yourself, doing your own public relations as practice for the real thing in your career. Most of the advice that I have read online to PR students is to write, write, write.

So I decided this week to do just that. I have started a blog entitled www.fatherhoodsquared.blogspot.com to start pounding the pavement, so to speak. I will start to excercise the lessons learned in the text as well as in this blogging assignment to start marketing myself and my influence. We will see what happens, but I must admit it is very liberating to start writing about something dear to your heart. I am publishing a blog about my family stories.
Honestly my family should be a sitcom. We have family dynamics that provide so much material to share with the world. Six kids, five of which are girls and one lonely boy who hangs out with his dad as much as possible. The material is there. Now to market it.
My plan follows what I have blogged about before. Start the umbrella opened far and wide. Let the most amount of people see it. I have been sending links to my friends, family, and facebook/twitter contacts. I am three days into it, with three short posts. I will enjoy it.
Once I have a good starting number I will focus on tighter public. I will investigate other blogs that are similar to my own and link to them. I will respond to their posts and encourage them to visit my blog. Facebook is receiving my updates as well as twitter. I am excited. I feel good about it.
This is going to be an experiment. I will be using principles used in this class to chart their effectiveness and hone my own skills. When the time comes, I understand there will be more serious blogs to write and I will be skilled enough to promote them.
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