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Mr. Olson’s Mantra

So now we live in the brave new world of online social networking. You can work with anyone in the world, develop a working relationship with them and never shake their hand. It reminds me of something my 7th grade shop teacher told us in class. “Most of you,” he said, “will work in careers that haven’t even been invented yet.” He would repeat this mantra a few more times during the one semester I braved shop class.
I understand that public relations has been around in some form or other since mankind were dwelling in caves, but who can deny the fact that public relations as a profession, heck, as an art form, only vaguely resembles a shadow of itself 20 years ago when I went to Milwaukie Jr. High School!
Indeed I am learning how to influence publics on a grander scale and faster than I could have imagined in 7th grade. For crying out loud, email didn’t become popular until I was 20 years old. I am preparing myself for a career that, for all intensive purposes, didn’t exist in 1987.
So, Mr. Olson, thank you for your foresight. We live in a world where technology moves so fast that we are racing to keep up with it.
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