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Finding Facebook Friends

I am reviewing this blog and realizing that I have talked about how important Twitter is becoming and how useful blogging is. I have seldom mentioned facebook. I wonder if the reason I do is because of how long I have been on facebook. I have had a profile on facebook for years. Since before I decided on my major. I have been so excited about discovering the other social media programs that I have neglected my old standby. This post is going to give facebook some much needed attention.

Pr-Squared has a few hints the shed some light on how to engage facebook in public relations:
  1. Hook up with facebook PR communities. Groups such as the official facebook public relations group, and social media measurement.
  2. Identify appropriate target groups.
  3. Identify the activity of the groups.
  4. Identify the group type. Are they open? Closed? What is the general ‘vibe?’
  5. Befriend the Admins. Make friends from the top down. Once the Admins are comfortable with you and your product they can use their pull to influence the entire group.
In my own community of friends and acquaintances, facebook is second only to the telephone. I remember what life was without it. It is invaluable to me socially and using it as a PR tool seems only natural.
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