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The Twitter Effect, two years later.

On March 5, 2008, Stephen Davies posted a story on his blog called The Twitter Effect. It is a tongue-in-cheek look at what twitter tends to do to the blogging community.

Stephen Davies is a communications consultant in the UK, he works has been a writer for a UK PR publication, Communicate Magazine and has been ranked in the “top one percent most powerful and inspirational UK PR people” by PR PowerBook.
Mr. Davies compares the 2008 blogging community to an older married couple. “They still adore one another but, hey, you can’t stay in and watch TV together all of your life. You need to go with the guys or gals to drink and flirt a little,” he writes.
Twitter distracted bloggers in 2008 and there was a move from the blogging community. He reassures the reader however, that blogging will be around for a long, long time.
Now in 2010, he was right. Blogging is here and continues to fill its niche in the online world. Twitter is limited to the amount of characters a tweet can contain. This limits people’s options to look elsewhere if they have a lot to say or to say it with flair.
The twitter community answers that by returning to blogging. So many tweets are linked to blogs. Similar to how the early telegraph lines helped evolve the inverted pyramid, tweets get the leads, then a link to a blog will fill in the rest of the story.
Twitter and blogging have found a very effective way to operate together cohesively. Amazing how time sorts it all out!
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