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Corporate Brand Ambassadors

Jeff Wilson discussed a term I have never heard before in his post 5 Tips to Turn Employees into Corporate Brand Ambassadors. I love it! The Corporate Brand Ambassador! The superhero of the lowly Public Relations Specialist!

I say that tongue-in-cheek, but in reality I love it. It’s the difference between a SubWay employee and a ‘sandwich artist.’ The title implies more. It implies a career, not a job. It implies investment. I am sold on it and I have only read one article on it!
Mr. Wilson gives five steps to train a PR guy/gal into a Corporate Brand Ambassador. The five steps are listed below:
  1. It Starts With Leadership. You can’t push a chain, a fish rots from the head first. Oppositely, motivation comes from within but is focused usually by the leadership from without. A sold leader leads to sold subordinates. A leader who believes in his/her product holds an influence that can’t be faked.
  2. Communicate the brand promise at every opportunity. One piece of motivation is to be involved in something larger than yourself.
  3. Celebrate and reward standout brand ambassadors. People, like electricity, tend to move to the areas of least resistance and more reward. It works in elementary school, it works with my children, it works at work. Rewards bring results. Rewarding one motivates others.
  4. Embrace employees’ use of social media to promote the brand. I am learning that technology is so much to Public Relations. The more you use social media, the better your rewards would be in this day and age. Embrace it or die!
  5. Evaluate progress. As a matter of course, evaluation is essential to everything.
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