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Blogging and Education

Richard Bailey reviewed why blogging is surviving the facebook/twitter age and it is worth repeating. His post, entitled, “Blogging, a surprising revival,” on his own blog, PR Studies, goes over three lists of ‘fives.’ The five reasons for the survival of blogging, the five reasons blogging is good for education, and the five best things student bloggers should do as they learn the craft of blogging.

This post will review the second of the three lists, the top five reasons that blogging is good for education.

According to Richard Bailey, these are the top five reasons why blogging is good for education:

  1. Open Source Learning. This assignment has opened my eyes to blogging that is for sure. I like being able to delve into online content and come up with my own reactions to post.
  2. Level Playing Field. I have equal rights to blog. This means that my blog has the same limits as anyone. I can say whatever I want. Blogging opens that window.
  3. The advantage of Non-Compulsory blogs. This assignment is somewhat non-compulsory with regard to the subject matter posted, however it requires 26 posts. Even still, the freedom to choose my own subjects works wonders with my ego! I am creating something here!
  4. Gaining Experience for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Welcome to the craft of public relations! As we learn how to introduce our own blogs to the public we learn the art and principles of PR.
  5. Just because something is unfashionable doesn’t make it bad. I find it funny that blogging may be considered ‘old fashioned.’ It is new and fresh to me. There is an entire world of humanity out there, saved in blogs!

Speaking as a student, blogging is becoming an invaluable educational tool. I am training by doing. That kind of kinetic, synergistic approach to education is invaluable.

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