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Last month, B.J. Novak (actor, writer, producer, comedian) came to Utah State University to do a stand up gig. “Snoop-dog is a genius,” he told the crowd. “How ingenious to invent -‘izzl!’ How brilliant to add ‘-izzl’ to the end of every word when your entire job is to make words rhyme!”

CNNMoney.com has published an eye opening report on how the cell phone industry is doing that as well. Instead of changing part of the word however, they have just added on. It’s called “4G.” We have all heard about it. It’s the next big thing. What CNNMoney.com is finding though is that 4G is a title, not a speed.
“4G is a myth. Like the unicorn, it hasn’t been spotted anywhere in the wild just yet–and won’t be anytime in the near future,” CNNMoney.com writes. It maintains the standard 4G requirement is that data be transferred with the phone at 100 Mbps speed.
No one is anywhere close to that.
Verizon could be as fast as 50 mbps, but currently runs at 12 Mbps; it’s the fastest of the three major carriers! T-Mobile has the capacity to run at 21 Mbps, but runs 12 Mbps. Sprint could run 20, but runs 10.
Now before all the air is let out of the speed balloon, let’s review why the carriers and holding on to the 4G title if they can’t back it up. It looks to be old-fashioned competition.
“It’s very misleading to make a decision about what’s 4G based on speed alone,” said a spokeswoman for Sprint Nextel to CNNMoney.com. “It is a challenge we face in an extremely competitive industry.”
So it’s a marketing gig. A smokescreen. It is the Krab, the cubic zirconium, the smoke in mirrors. Looking back at how this started, one would have to look to our current 3G coverage. Surely it’s as fast as we think it is, right?
The current 3G Speed is running anywhere from 500kbps to 1.3 Mbps. That’s right, the fastest your phone will take you will be 1.2 Mbps. So 4G is a smokescreen, 3G is a smokescreen, and who knows what else is as well.
What an effective PR campaign to hold it in for this long.
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