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Resurgence of Blogging

Richard Bailey reviewed why blogging is surviving the facebook/twitter age and it is worth repeating. His post, entitled, “Blogging, a surprising revival,” on his own blog, PR Studies, goes over three lists of ‘fives.’ The five reasons for the survival of blogging, the five reasons blogging is good for education, and the five best things student bloggers should do as they learn the craft of blogging.

This post will review the first of the three lists, the reasons for the survival of blogging.

According to Richard Bailey, these are the top five reasons for the survival of blogging:

  1. Blogging is personal publishing. We, as human beings, have the innate desire to communicate. Blogging allows such a thing.
  2. Twitter is actually driving traffic to blogging. People post links from twitter to their blogs and people, well, click on them!
  3. Blogging is evolving from personal to professional. Newspapers are often using blogging software.
  4. WordPress is a hit. I knew nothing of WordPress before reading Mr. Bailey’s article. I have looked at it now, and love it! I will definitely be exploring it further in depth.
  5. Posterous and Tumblr are making blogging much more versatile. Again, my first look. Wow! Posterous IS huge! Tumblr was down when I pulled up the website. I’ll be looking at that one again however.

The only point I would like to add actually incorporates all the five reasons together. Everyone has a different history. Everyone has a unique life experience. Everyone has something to say. As long as there are human beings on the Earth, we all will have a drive to tell our own stories. Blogging satisfies that innate human condition. Blogging will be around forever, in my own humble opinion.

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