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A Two Way Street

I was reading on www.prconversations.com and reviewed an article by Heather Yaxley entitled “Public Relations Remains Focused on Media Relations.” I thought her idea was definitely worth repeating. The purpose of the article is to remind the PR community that our goal is not to preach with new technology, rather it is to produce communication with the publics that we associate with.

Ms. Yaxley was quick to say that this isn’t realistically feasable, but the ideal should be something to aspire to. The nature of public relations is to effect the public in a manner advantageous to your client. Two way communication would be a perfect relationship for this, however the nature of public relations as it stands today is that we have a message to give. Even with the Facebook/Twitter revolution, the mass of PR communication still must lean toward the PR expert.

I echo the idea. As Gordon B. Hinkley said, survey large fields while cultivating small ones. We should all look to ideal and work toward being able to apply it to today’s reality. Work towards pure communication while still working in the context of today’s technologies.

I believe this is similar to Golf. Golf is a game you can never beat, but by golly you keep trying!

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