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Finding Facebook Friends

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

I am reviewing this blog and realizing that I have talked about how important Twitter is becoming and how useful blogging is. I have seldom mentioned facebook. I wonder if the reason I do is because of how long I have been on facebook. I have had a profile on facebook for years. Since before I decided on my major. I have been so excited about discovering the other social media programs that I have neglected my old standby. This post is going to give facebook some much needed attention.

Pr-Squared has a few hints the shed some light on how to engage facebook in public relations:
  1. Hook up with facebook PR communities. Groups such as the official facebook public relations group, and social media measurement.
  2. Identify appropriate target groups.
  3. Identify the activity of the groups.
  4. Identify the group type. Are they open? Closed? What is the general ‘vibe?’
  5. Befriend the Admins. Make friends from the top down. Once the Admins are comfortable with you and your product they can use their pull to influence the entire group.
In my own community of friends and acquaintances, facebook is second only to the telephone. I remember what life was without it. It is invaluable to me socially and using it as a PR tool seems only natural.
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There’s more than one way…

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Shift Communications holds a section of their blog pr-squared as an academy. They call it their, “Jedi Training Academy.” I am an avid star wars fan. Sign me up!

Reading through some of the stories in their I was impressed by the way they get through. They were trying to get some exposure for their client and were getting ignored by the blog they needed the exposure with. They never gave up, they persisted until they realized the blog was never going to recognize their client. They put their heads together to find a way around that. How do you get a blogger to recognize a product on their own blog that they have no intention of recognizing?!
Their answer was ingenious. They contacted another client who had experience with the product they were marketing, and asked them to mention it in the response section of the target blog. The client did so and soon, Shift communications was contacted by a writer for FORTUNE small business magazine! He saw the response on the blog and was curious about the product.
Wouldn’t you know it, a later customer of that specific product was on the cover of FORTUNE small business! Working outside the box but without breaking any ethical or legal boundaries Shift Communications got their job done.
I guess there truly is more than one way to..mmm, guess I better leave it right there. You fill in the rest!
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The Mommy-Blogger’s Market

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I have read a case study of how Shift Communications cracked into the mommy-bloggers, a niche that has been saturated by spammers and pop-up windows for years. The review is up on Todd Defren’s Blog Pr-Squared. His account of it is entitled, “Blogger relations case study: mommybloggers.”


Shift Communications was working with a client who created handheld scanners, presumably for use by business travellers. The idea was that the travellers could scan their receipts ‘on the go’ and create their own expense report while they were on the road. This would require minimal effort.
As fate would have it, Martha Stewart found about the device and sales skyrocketed. The business wanted to crack into the mommy-bloggers. Mommy-bloggers is a term used for the countless blogs that have to do only with being a mom, raising children, etc..
Shift Communications decided to take a different approach from the usual mommy-blogger marketing campaigns. They looked through the blogs and found, as Todd Defren explained it, “a niche within a niche.” They found a few blogs that ended up being mommy-bloggers who were also technogeeks. Shift Communications then reached out to only three. They respectfully approached them and told them of the scanner. All three bought and used the scanner for scanning kid’s pictures, etc.
Then Shift approached the moms again and offerred them 10 more scanners to give away in a contest. The way people would become eligible in the contest would be to write a review of the product either on these technogeek mommy-blogger’s blogs, or on their own and link the review to the other blogs.
The result was a windfall. 1,200 reviews of the scanner, providing the makers of the scanner vital insight as to what the needs of these mommybloggers were. They not only broke into the niche…they broke into the niche in the niche.
And that is why I want to get into this business!
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PR Jiu-Jitsu

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Todd Defren’s blog, Pr-squared has an interesting idea on it that I find a wonderful strategy to know. His post is entitled, How PR can perform Jiu-Jitsu on Sales Team Demands.

He acknowledges the frustration of having the sales teams of companies lean on the PR departments to release information so they can use it to close deals. This ‘derails’ the PR plan and the PR department loses credibility. His idea is ingenious:
First, he writes, look at the long term and refuse to derail the PR plan. In the long run, the sales team will be more sucessful by sticking to the plan. Second, give them a draft of the upcoming press release with DO NOT DISCLOSE stamped on it. When they show that to their prospective sales, they will build themselves up by showing that they are in the loop, as well as building up the prospect by allowing them in the loop as well. Everyone likes to know secrets. Everyone likes the advantage and anticipation of 1-upping the rest of us.
Not a bad idea Mr. Defren. If they want too much information, unnoficially put them on the inside track.
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My Experiment

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I have been awakened with a swift kick to the back-end to the importance of marketing yourself, doing your own public relations as practice for the real thing in your career. Most of the advice that I have read online to PR students is to write, write, write.

So I decided this week to do just that. I have started a blog entitled to start pounding the pavement, so to speak. I will start to excercise the lessons learned in the text as well as in this blogging assignment to start marketing myself and my influence. We will see what happens, but I must admit it is very liberating to start writing about something dear to your heart. I am publishing a blog about my family stories.
Honestly my family should be a sitcom. We have family dynamics that provide so much material to share with the world. Six kids, five of which are girls and one lonely boy who hangs out with his dad as much as possible. The material is there. Now to market it.
My plan follows what I have blogged about before. Start the umbrella opened far and wide. Let the most amount of people see it. I have been sending links to my friends, family, and facebook/twitter contacts. I am three days into it, with three short posts. I will enjoy it.
Once I have a good starting number I will focus on tighter public. I will investigate other blogs that are similar to my own and link to them. I will respond to their posts and encourage them to visit my blog. Facebook is receiving my updates as well as twitter. I am excited. I feel good about it.
This is going to be an experiment. I will be using principles used in this class to chart their effectiveness and hone my own skills. When the time comes, I understand there will be more serious blogs to write and I will be skilled enough to promote them.
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Mr. Olson’s Mantra

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So now we live in the brave new world of online social networking. You can work with anyone in the world, develop a working relationship with them and never shake their hand. It reminds me of something my 7th grade shop teacher told us in class. “Most of you,” he said, “will work in careers that haven’t even been invented yet.” He would repeat this mantra a few more times during the one semester I braved shop class.
I understand that public relations has been around in some form or other since mankind were dwelling in caves, but who can deny the fact that public relations as a profession, heck, as an art form, only vaguely resembles a shadow of itself 20 years ago when I went to Milwaukie Jr. High School!
Indeed I am learning how to influence publics on a grander scale and faster than I could have imagined in 7th grade. For crying out loud, email didn’t become popular until I was 20 years old. I am preparing myself for a career that, for all intensive purposes, didn’t exist in 1987.
So, Mr. Olson, thank you for your foresight. We live in a world where technology moves so fast that we are racing to keep up with it.
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The Power of Social Media, a reflection

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I find it interesting now that I am learning about blogging and tweeting that I knew so little about it before. In today’s day and age there is so much information that comes seemingly effortlessly through Twitter in particularly that I am almost embarrassed not to see it until my Junior year of College.

Now that I have however, I am finding it becoming essential to the PR perspective. Instant access to clients, co-workers, fans (if you have ’em!), family, businesses, or what not is priceless when your profession is to understand how to motivate the public perception of something or someone.
I would imagine that holding a following on twitter or facebook would almost be used for currency in the job interview process. I mean, interviewing someone with hundreds of ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ looks to be a measure of someone’s effectiveness at public relations. I mean, if they can swing the public to promote themselves, how effective could they be if they used their power and influence to help you!
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