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Cavemen or Country Club

OK, here we go…

I was looking over some suggested blogs and came across an article entitled, “Public Relations needs more than digital natives” by Heather Yaxley on October 5, 2010. The article was published on http://www.prconversations.com.

The focus of the article is that in today’s age of social media and instant news feeds that the next generation of Public Relations Specialists will be absolutely savvy on technology, but may be missing the basic nuts and bolts of Public Relations.

In a way I feel this is right on point. I mean, even now my childrens’ school teachers are hammering on the fact that the spelling of today’s youth is atrocious compared with what it was twenty years ago. What is this blamed on? The ‘Spelling and Grammar’ tab in Microsoft Word! Technology has surpassed the nuts and bolts of spelling and children are now turning in reports that professionals would have salivated over in the 1980’s.

So this spelling example begs the question of whether we prefer the cavemen approach or the country club approach to our lives and professions. Are we the ‘nuts and bolts’, ‘back to the basics’ kind of professionals who scoff at technology? Do we look at technological progress as inflating life with nothing more than brighter colors and out-of-this-world promises? If we are then we risk becoming obsolete in our own field, especially that of Public Relations.

On the other side of it though is the Country Club approach. Do we look at technology as the ‘fix-all?’ Is the professioal look of the newest technology enough to make up for shoddy work. When it all boils down, is the public more effected by the style or substance of information? The answer here, of course, is that if we lose all to technology we are producing more ‘fluff’ and less ‘stuff.’ Is that enough?

I propose that there be a new balance in Public Relations. We must embrace the technology and hold to the tried and true principles of our craft. Interesting to think about how this new balance will shift over the next decade. We’ll see.

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