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From the outside…

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Well here we are, starting a blog and looking into the world of Public Relations. This blog will be my first look into PR and I must say I’m curious. Is PR the fast moving, truth-bending, cut-throat industry that we see on prime-time television? Is it the daily grind of timecard-punching and internal politics that permeates the workplace that I know? Could it be, perhaps, both?

I am curious most about the industry, the craft, and how people mold a career out of this business, especially those who start a little later in life.

About Me

For this first post, I thought it would benefit the reader to meet the author. I am a happily married, 36-year old father of six still working to finish my undergrad. I worked in the public sector for ten years before growing the courage to return yet again to school for that elusive Bachelor degree. Three years and a few majors later I am circling in on a degree in Journalism/Public Relations and Utah State University.

I hold no preconceived notions about public relations. I know that I have enjoyed the prerequisites for this class immensely. Everything about Journalism/PR that I have been taught so far just seems to fit. I look forward to learning what makes the industry tick.

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